The ABLE Financial Empowerment Conference is a national biannual conference for all stakeholders interested in fostering financial empowerment for people who live on low incomes.
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Marie-Eve Dubé

H2oBody / M.E.Personla Training / GoodLife fitness
Personal trainer / network marketer

Marie-Eve Dube is passionate about well-being, health, fitness and business. She has found her calling in serving others, which she does by sharing health through movement, sweat, encouragement, hydration, breath, and lots of smiles and laughter. She works as a personal trainer and yoga instructor, and has a small home-based business. She is an entrepreneur with big dreams, who constantly strives to expand her knowledge, by being what she asks her clients to be, which is coachable.

Marie-Eve constantly pushes her own boundaries but also knows when to slow down. She has lived in Vancouver for over 15 years and absolutely loves it, yet she knows for sure that one day, she will have a piece of land in some magical place of the world, where she will have a big garden, prosperous enough to provide for her whole family, with extra to share!